WincArchive supplies the ability to; copy, move or synchronize documents and their associated metadata between eDOCS libraries. Designed to create a complete disaster recovery solution, WincArchive functionality can additionally be used to improve collaboration, by ensuring necessary documents are available locally, and to improve operation performance by automatically sending unnecessary documents to archive. Synchronizes documents, files and folders between libraries. When a matter gets closed documents are automatically transferred to archive library.

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Key FeaturesT

• Simplified disaster recovery – In the event of system or site failure, users can be pointed to a backup site, allowing them to continue working with minimal disruption.

•  Increased collaboration – By making documents created at one site available in another library, users can collaborate without the issues associated with poor WAN performance.

• Improved performance – As libraries increase in size, performance decreases. WincArchive can automatically place historic documents in an archive library, keeping library sizes manageable and preventing decreased performance.

• Improved flexibility – By supporting document replication, the library architecture can be designed to meet requirements, rather than forcing users to work to architectural constraints.

• Feature rich – WincArchive can be used to supply one- or two-way synchronization, improving collaboration and/or making disaster recovery straightforward.

Technical Specifications

Fully compatible with all eDOCS version forwards and backwards

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