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Control the OpenText eDOCS environment as an administrator. Add-ons that increase functionality to control the OpenText eDOCS environment.

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Archiving of inactive or finalized content with the power of OpenText eDOCS. Using the strength of OpenText eDOCS archiving with additional features and uses.

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Capture and create new content in more efficient and effective ways within OpenText eDOCS. New content creation made easy with add-ons that increase functionalities.

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Connect OpenText eDOCS to other platforms to create seamless integration and increase interoperability

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Distribute content to internal or external recipients from within OpenText eDOCS. Internal distribution between users and departments. External distribution to clients, business relations or others.

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Effective content revision and management tools. Manage content while working within OpenText eDOCS. Allows for content revision and movements.

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Additional security possibilities for OpenText eDOCS that complement the existing layers of security. Adding security in other aspects of OpenText eDOCS will create an even safer working environment.

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