PDF Render Manager for eDOCS

Easily convert a wide array of document- and file extensions such as CAD files to PDF and PDF/A.

Outlook Task Manager for eDOCS

Outlook Task Manager for eDOCS is a MS Outlook integration that reminds you of pending tasks.

Meta Data Manager

Meta Data Manager for eDOCS (MDM) pulls meta data from the eDOCS DM profile/the DM database and merge fields into MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint files.

Smart Search Manager for eDOCS

Smart Search Manager is a platform with a browser-like, fast search in eDOCS DM based on document and profile information.

OpenText Brava Desktop for eDOCS

Ensure your documents are easy to work with and safe to share, both inside and outside your organization


pdfDocs for PDF creation and editing integrates with business systems to deliver higher levels of efficiency and productivity when assembling, securing and distributing business-critical documents in PDF and PDF/A format.


compareDocs uses the world’s leading-edge technology to compare and analyze the difference between two documents with incredible accuracy and reliability across all document types.

OpenText InfoFusion

Unleash the full potential of your enterprise information with InfoFusion—an Information Access platform that gives you new and improved ways to discover, analyze, and act on unstructured information across your enterprise.

OpenText Business Intelligence

Discover insights hidden within your organization’s data. Put the power of inquiry into the hands of business users with OpenText Business Intelligence.

Profile+ for eDOCS DM

A totally new face to the eDOCS forms with a modern look and feel and allows and unprecedented amount of control and customization to the form while retaining the ability to easily design both simple and more complex forms.

Matrix Logic Media Manager

No more struggling with non-integrated image viewers. Now there is a fully integrated solution.


Stay in the loop by monitoring document based activities


Provides an easy way to visually scan through a set of thumbnail previews in DM Extensions as easily as you would in Microsoft Windows XP.