OpenText E-mail Filing

Increased compliance and organization of emails

Guided Search of eDOCS DM

Matrix Logic Guided Searches are a new way of allowing users to find documents by metadata browsing with only a few clicks.

OpenText Image Crawler for eDOCS

Automatic, intelligent analysis and processing of image-based documents within eDOCS.


Automatically push client and matter information from your CMS Open or Elite billing system to your document management system.

Matrix Logic MailRoom

Matrix Logic MailRoom is an application designed to facilitate batch scanning and mailroom automation. Bring that paper into your document management system with Matrix Logic MailRoom and streamline your records management and document retention.

E-mail Import for eDOCS DM

This simple application allows users to import all of the email messages and attachments from MS Outlook folders in one operation.


Automatically OCRs all your scanned documents (TIF and PDF format) for full-text indexing in eDOCS DM.

Attach File

Attach any file to an existing Paper Profile. Import attachments to an existing document.

Legal Solution Suite for eDOCS RM

The Legal Solution Suite for eDOCS RM by Matrix Logic consists of add-on modules that provide electronic records management functionality to eDOCS RM and greatly enhances its use as an electronic records management solution for law firms, corporations and government agencies.

Content Crawler

contentCrawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that intelligently assesses image-based documents in content repositories for batch conversion to text-searchable PDFs and saving.