Esri Integration for eDOCS

Build a bridge between GIS and DMS with the Esri integration for eDOCS. Allowing you to directly access and search your eDOCS client content in an entirely new way. Your content and location information is saved and stored within eDOCS.

Through integration of GIS with your DMS, content can be connected to a geographical location and presented on the map. This presents an overview in the geographical spreading of your content and access through location coordinates or Esri objectlayers.

Combine the best that OpenText eDOCS and Esri ArcGIS have to offer. Your location information (X&Y-coordinates and objects) are saved als metadata and managed through eDOCS, while your exisiting Esri functions are incorporated and content is easier to consult.

Esri integration for eDOCS offers a new method to search through your content. Users can find their documents faster through selecting geographical locations or objects on the map.

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Key Features

  • Directly access Esri functions from your eDOCS interface
  • Re-use your existing Esri maps and objects in eDOCS
  • Location information safely managed within eDOCS
  • Geographical metadata can be added quickly or found through a quick search
  • A simple and easy method to find you content on the map

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