OpenText Secure MFT

OpenText™ Secure MFT offers a secure and encrypted solution to safely exchange files, keeping proprietary, confidential content protected and safe. By providing a platform of governance and compliance for file exchange, Secure MFT enables enforcement of corporate policies regarding secure file exchange throughout the organization.

With multiple patent-pending technologies at work, Opentext™ Secure MFT allows users to transfer files of any size without limitation and to dramatically increase the speed of large file exchange. OpenText Fuel Acceleration protocol provides ultra-fast transfer performance across all types of networks, eliminating network latency and utilizing 99% of available network bandwidth.

Some file transfer solutions inconvenience end users with unfamiliar applications, awkward workflows, or complex security keys. Opentext™ Secure MFT is easy to use and integrates with Microsoft Outlook to allow users to send large files via email, a desktop application, or web application. So you can easily send files without bottlenecks and with zero disruption to the work day.

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Key Features

  • Eliminate risk of security breaches
  • Centralize; a single source for file transfers
  • Integrate seamlessly into users’ everyday workflow
  • Reduce IT time wasted overseeing file transfers; increase productivity
  • Gain an audit trail of all file transfers

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