OpenText Wireless DMS for eDOCS

Wireless DMS for eDOCS translates requests to and from your wireless device and any changes in eDOCS DM are immediately shown on your handheld. You can search document libraries and fax or email retrieved documents.

Wireless DMS for eDOCS contains separate modules for the different mobile devices used by your organization. BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile modules are currently available. In addition, users may connect from numerous phones, pagers, PALMs and PocketPCs and Windows CE handheld devices. The list of supported devices is growing all the time.

Request information

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Key Features

  • Search, Retrieve documents
    You can search your document libraries right from your phone or handheld using content searches, profile searches or our new Guided Search™ feature
  • Connect ‘live’ to your document repository
    Since WDMS translates requests to and from your wireless device, any changes in your eDOCS repository are immediately visible from your handheld.
  • Connect from different devices
    You may connect from many different devices, including smartphones and tablets running iOS from Apple, BlackBerryOS, BlackBerry 10, Android. The list of supported devices is growing all the time.
  • Upload and Create Documents
    Upload edits or profile new documents from your iPad using our Guided Profiling™ feature.
  • Download Documents
    Download an a copy of any DMS document to your mobile device (e.g.iPhone, iPad) wirelessly.
  • Open document references
    Access documents by opening a DRF in your email
  • Document notification
    A optional notification module allows you to ‘subscribe’ and be notified of changes to projects, quick searches and documents via email or on your handheld.
  • System Administration
    Several system administration functions are available for IT staff wirelessly (e.g. unlocking documents, checking status, etc.)

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