WincWall automatically applies eDOCS security to documents when the validation data used on the profile meets the criteria held in the centralized rule set. WincWall supplies a solution for managing ethical walls, to demonstrate compliance to the MAD (Market Abuse Directive, or just to ensure operational security for departments such as HR and accounts are maintained.

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Key Features

• Improved security – Rather than relying on training or the knowledge of individual users, WincWall automatically applies security based on a centralized rule set.

• Improved compliance – By having an automated procedure to deal with legal compliance, such as insider trading, the organization is far less exposed to external criticism.

• Automated security – Documents are automatically secured using a validation data-based, centralized rule set.

• Reduced administration – Because the application of security is automatic, there are far less likely to be urgent calls to re-secure large batches of documents. And even if there is, WincWall will allow it to be done automatically.

• Improved performance – WincWall can act like a safety net, ensuring the correct security is applied to the right documents automatically. This reduces both the processing and administration for all users that need to interact with sensitive documents.

Technical Specifications

Fully compatible with all eDOCS version forwards and backwards

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