DM Connect Manager for eDOCS

Automated DM server connection system. Connects users to the nearest DM server and updates settings and registry keys to ensure an optimal DM performance.

Document Info Manager for eDOCS

Document Info Manager for eDOCS is an extensive document information viewer provided for eDOCS helpdesk, supervisors and admins when recovering lost documents.

Unlock Manager for eDOCS

Unlock Manager for eDOCS unlocks documents with full integrated eDOCS security and all-the-way logged operations.

Recover Manager for eDOCS

Recover documents easily from your DM installation through a sleek and user-friendly user interface.

DM Sync Manager for eDOCS

DM Sync Manager is an automated synchronization tool for Microsoft Active Directory that keeps it up to date with eDOCS DM.


Increase productivity by enabling documents to be indexed, stored and retrieved in an intuitive manner, regardless of the source or type.

Replicator Suite

Comprises of an Enterprise Admin add-in to the eDOCS DM Webtop and a Replicator Engine that takes the metadata changes and additions that an administrator makes to a primary library, and replicates them to the other remote libraries, automatically. The Reconciler module helps an administrator examine their libraries and see the differences between the lookup tables in each library.


Reduce administrative overhead by automatically synchronizing network users and groups to your OpenText eDOCS environment.


The most complete suite of admin tools available for OpenText eDOCS, whether a single library or a large enterprise with multiple locations.


A full synchronization solution for maintaining validation data between OpenText eDOCS libraries.

Janitor Suite

Contains a series of tools for simplifying and automating a number of tedious tasks for eDOCS DM administrators.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

A solution to locate, flag, track and protect in documents in eDOCS to assist with PII Compliance and reduce liability.