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There are times you may choose to record the existence of external hard copy or paper documents in the DM/DOCS system. In these instances you would use the DOCS Paper Documents feature. A Paper Document has a Document Profile but there is no actual electronic document file associated with it. If that hard copy document is then scanned into the system, until now there was no way to attach the new electronic document to the existing Paper Profile. Attach File for DOCS helps you to solve this problem. Now you can easily convert a profile of a Paper Document to the profile of a real document by attaching the corresponding file to it. Attach File may also be used to add an electronic document file to any existing DM document as a version/sub-version or even an attachment. User access to the creation of attachments adds greatly to the flexibility of your DOCS system.

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Key Features

• Attach any file to an existing Paper Profile
• Import attachments to existing documents
• Import versions to an existing document
• Import sub-versions to an existing document
• Implemented as a simple Attach file option to the document menu

Technical Specifications

Supported from eDOCS DM 3.5.1 onwards

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