OpenText Image Crawler for eDOCS

Integrating OpenText Image Crawler for eDOCS changes everything. It is not a search engine and it does not modify the original document. As an enhancement to OpenText Document Management Systems, eDOCS Edition, Image Crawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that automatically and intelligently assesses image-based documents in the eDOCS content repository for conversion to a searchable format, which is then re-profiled and consequently discoverable.

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Key Features

• Fast processing

• Content repository search

• Assesstext-searchability

• Make searchable (OCR)

• Save to DMS

• Audit and reporting

• Monitoring modes

• Integration

• Windows file system

• Ensures searchability of all image-based documents

• Increases organizational productivity

• Simplifies the management of image-based documents

• Reduces non-compliance risks

• Increases efficiency through automation

• Leverages investment in DMS and search technology

• Reduces costs managing OCR technology

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