Your eDOCS DM library is a great place to save scanned images economically. With BatchOCR it is now even easier to find these images later. Imagine all your scanned documents able to be full-text indexed automatically: now it is possible with BatchOCR. Supports output as text AND searchable PDF attachments.

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Key Features

• Automatically creates an Optical Character Rendition (OCR) attachment for all specified TIF or PDF image files saved in a eDOCS DM library.

• Includes the popular ScanSoft 15.2 recognition engine.

• Produces rich text format or searchable PDF attachments.

• Runs as a Windows Service for unattended operation.

• Optional re-recognition if image is edited.

• Works with any image application.

• Fully compatible with both Fulcrum and Verity full-text indexing schemes.

• Supports 30 languages, many with automatic spelling detection and correction.

• NEW: Optional swapping of searchable PDF as document versions and TIF images as attachments

Technical Specifications

Supported from eDOCS DM 3.5.1 onwards

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