Legal Solution Suite for eDOCS RM

The Legal Solution Suite for eDOCS RM by Matrix Logic consists of add-on modules that provide electronic records management functionality to eDOCS RM and greatly enhances its use as an electronic records management solution for law firms, corporations and government agencies. The suite consists of the following modules:
• RMSync Automatically create File Plan Categories and Files in eDOCS RM from your Financial system.
• ARCS (Automated Records Classification Service) Automatically assign electronic documents to the RM file plan and retention schedule
• DRM (Document Retention Manager) Manage Retention Schedule and  Dispose Documents by Document Type. Retention Manager
• RPW (Retention Processing Workflow) Electronically distribute Disposal Reports and track Approvals or Denials for Destructions or Transfer processing
• Suspend Manager Ability to manage multiple holds on a Matter, FilePart or Term. (Next Release of LSS)

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