Matrix Logic MailRoom

Matrix Logic MailRoom is an application designed to facilitate batch scanning and mailroom automation. Bring that paper into your document management system with Matrix Logic MailRoom and streamline your records management and document retention.

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Key Features

• Automatic batch scanning process allows the use of high volume scanners

• Automatic notification of mail recipients of via email

• Email notifications for urgent mail sent immediately

• Notifications for non-urgent mail scheduled once or more times each day

• Hyperlinks to each mail item allow direct viewing of the document in the EDMS.

• View access for users with wireless email devices, such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile or iPhone devices

• Mail item is automatically OCR’d allowing full-text searches of the document content

• Users can access mail items using eDOCS DM Extensions, via the DM WebTop or through an extranet.

• Integration of Adobe Acrobat Reader provides viewing access with no additional software costs

• Image markup such as redaction, highlighting or sticky notes.

• Document retention policies that apply to the eDOCS documents will automatically apply to all mail items

• The scanned mail items are protected by data disaster recovery initiatives

Technical Specifications

Supported from eDOCS DM 3.5.1 onwards

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