A significant benefit of coDOCS is that the user can manage all work in the intuitive and easy-to-use interface offered by SharePoint, including the features available in the integrated ECM system. CoDOCS synchronizes metadata, access rights, versioning and check-in/check-out, and facilitates search functions for all content from your ECM system. The link to SharePoint means that it is also possible to add a number of new features that the existing ECM system cannot handle.



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Key Features

  • Full control – Designated users can configure the integration settings – directly from the SharePoint user interface and document libraries can be configured independently from each other
  • A clear view – Document libraries in SharePoint provide a clear, detailed view of documents and presents metadata and synchronization status. CoDOCS also minimizes the need for eDOCS DM education and training. Everything just works.
  • Automatic and manual synchronization – CoDOCS enables automatic two way synchronization between eDOCS DM and SharePoint. CoDOCS also allows for example project administrators to sync documents from users without eDOCS DM user accounts, e.g. external partners.
  • Sync specific documents from eDOCS DM – CoDOCS lets you sync specific documents, e.g. project templates, to the document library in SharePoint. Very useful if you want to reuse documents in several document libraries.

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