OpenText eDOCS Integration for Autodesk AutoCAD

Since most technical document management solutions focus on handling CAD data only, they often lack support for enterprise applications. This puts an organization’s technical knowledge base outside the collaboration loop. OpenText eDOCS Integration for Autodesk AutoCAD brings technical knowledge assets into the broad business flow with enterprise-ready document management and distribution capabilities. Its comprehensive, flexible functionality leverages technical assets to empower workers in rapidly changing business environments. Now engineering and technical staff benefit not just from their own experiences, but from the collective expertise contained in OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM) repositories.

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Key Features

  • Increase productivity by providing faster access to drawings, facilitating rapid document production, and minimizing time spent looking for or recreating information
  • Foster better decision-making by enabling access to all document-based information across the enterprise. Engineering drawings are cataloged with electronic document content, adding them to the corporate knowledge base and reducing the “islands of information” prevalent in many technical departments
  • Improve data integrity by validating Title Block information with eDOCS DM metadata values stored in document profiles. Associated external reference files are vigilantly tracked as drawings are created or imported and subsequently revised
  • Speed up the flow of knowledge with the capture and index of SQL metadata and text information inside drawings, enabling enterprise-wide queries to help work groups find the right and relevant information when and where they need it

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