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OpenTextTM Content Access for eDOCS brings business content together in the context of the
business process to increase process efficiency, reduce operating costs, and more effectively manage risk. Gain complete transparency of your business processes with a single point of access to all your business data and documents in their respective business context.

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Businesses have content dispersed throughout multiple systems, with users often requiring access to this content as they complete transactions and business processes. The challenge is that the related content users need to make decisions is often stored outside the primary application and is not readily accessible.

OpenTextTM Content Access for eDOCS bridges that gap by providing access to content directly from the users’ primary application screens, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. It provides a means of sharing all unstructured business content—including office documents, scanned images, pictures, videos, and more—within workflow processes and primary applications. This capability enables the organization to make the most of business content regardless of where it resides or is accessed.

Key Features

• Reduce errors, as gathering and consolidation of information is automated

• Boostprocessefficiencyand productivity through seamless integration of business information into legacy applications

• Reducecostpertransaction,with direct access to all documents anytime and anywhere

• Increasesecurityandreducecosts of archival for transactional data

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