Sharepoint AutoImport for eDOCS DM

SharePoint Auto Import for eDOCS DM is designed to mass-import documents from SharePoint to eDOCS DM. It is designed to run unattended as a Scheduled Task or as a Windows Service.

The Auto Importer is configured to crawl a set of SharePoint sites. The crawler will find files or documents that you specify, and import them into eDOCS DM. Once imported to DM, a link will be left in SharePoint, and the original will be deleted. This is configurable.

Documents receive their DM profile metadata first from a set of defaults on the server, and then from the folder structure where the original document resides in SharePoint.

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Key Features

  • Automatically profiles documents from Sharepoint to DM
  • Runs as an Unattended Service
  • Profiles using folder information from Sharepoint
  • Replaces Sharepoint document with a DM Link
  • Nothing Required on the Sharepoint servers

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