OpenText eDOCS for Microsoft Sharepoint

eDOCS for Microsoft® SharePoint® brings robust document and records management to content published on SharePoint intranet or extranets, making sure the most current document versions are available for sharing and collaboration. The solution captures decentralized SharePoint content in a centralized eDOCS repository for lifecycle management, records management, and archival. In addition, documents can be synchronized such that any changes made to the version in eDOCS are automatically published to the version in SharePoint, and conversely, new versions created in SharePoint are automatically archived in eDOCS. This brings simplicity and governance to SharePoint sharing and collaboration.

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Key Features

• A single user interface for business content

• Governed SharePoint content

• Automatic archiving

• Support for collaborative workspaces

• Multiple ways to access content

• Migration of SharePoint content into eDOCS

• Tamper-proof storage with audit trail

• A single version of the truth

• Ability to integrate with other ECM systems

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