A Document Management System (DMS) fulfil an essential part in your business processes. Integration with other business applications with an open and transparent SOAP interface with your DMS is crucial. One Fox eBUS is the web service layer on top of your eDOCS DM/RM that makes that integration with other applications easier. According to market standards, with compliance to your company’s internal guidelines.



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Key Features

  • Secure
    • Safe access to your centrally stored documents using the SOAP interface
    • Never use API level applications to connect, this allows for circumvent the eDOCS security.
  • Trusted
    • Standardized way to integrate eDOCS with your business applications based on SOA
    • Supports all the actions and the full technical advances of eDOCS DM till version 5.3.1. incl. RM ordering.
  • Beneficial
    • Prevents complex upgrade problems for custom applications, which makes eDOCS easier to scale and implement
    • Lowers the level op dependence on technological expertise and reduces development time by 40%
  • Innovative
    • Full 64 bits SOAP interface
    • Three new modules for CMIS connector, your “Business Rules” and “Zaaksgewijs werken”.

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