DM Notify is an easy-to-use automated document activity reporting tool that offers a simple and efficient way to monitor and maintain an overview of documents stored in the eDOCS DM repository, all from your familiar and easy-to-use DM interface.

DM Notify is a great tool for the project manager who wants to keep control over all document based activities in a project, the administrator who needs to discover suspect document activities, team members who need to be updated on certain matters or any other person that simply wants to stay in the loop on document based activities.

DM Notify is all about choice. It provides highly customisable reports of activities performed in eDOCS DM – whether it’s a specific document or a group of documents. This makes it easy to stay fully informed about all activities such as the creation of new documents, new versions or edits on selected document types. DM Notify utilizes the QuickSearch feature in eDOCS DM to define report content and recipients, allowing users to create and administer their own reports in an easy and intuitive way.

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Key Features

  • Monitors activities on a document or groups of document
  • Easy to incorporate into any existing DM library
  • Helps project managers keep control over document based activities in a project
  • Discover suspect activities through automated reports

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