OpenText InfoFusion

InfoFusion is an Information Access platform that replaces a variety of one-off information applications—and their associated indexes, connectors, hardware, and support—with a common information management platform. InfoFusion delivers a new approach to managing, analyzing and understanding unstructured information. It helps organizations discover, analyze and act on their content to improve performance and agility, while reducing risk and cost.

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Key Features

  • Rationalize disparate content management and archives systems to maximize storage saving, reduce vendor footprint, reduce IT complexity and IT support cost
  • Move content to a retention controlled repository to begin to disposition content and reduce litigation risk, and reduce storage and eDiscovery costs
  • Decommission legacy systems that are being maintained solely due to the requirement to maintain access to the content they contain for regulatory or reference purposes
  • Quickly create utilities and applications using a rich and flexible environment that includes API and a widget library to develop specific utilities
  • Provide a single source of policy through integration with proven Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings like OpenText Records Management

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