Many organizations that use eDOCS DM for Digital Asset Management: the storage and management of diagrams, schematics, marketing logos – almost any type of digital imaging files. Matrix Logic’s Thumbnails for eDOCS DM product now provides an easy way to visually scan through a set of thumbnail previews in DM Extensions as easily as you would in Microsoft Windows XP or Google Image Search.

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Key Features

  • A Windows service automatically creates JPG-formatted attachments for documents in eDOCS DM.
  • Users have a new “Thumbnails” add-on pane in DM Extensions for viewing sets of thumbnails.
  • Users can open a document directly by double-clicking its thumbnail image.
  • Supports both DM Windows Extensions and DM Outlook Extensions.
  • Saves time for users that need to visually scan large numbers of documents to find a particular image.
  • Provides “visual search” capability for images that have been profiled in a generic way

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