PDF Render Manager for eDOCS

Easily convert a wide array of document- and file extensions such as CAD files to PDF and PDF/A.

Create and Import in bulk while maintaining meta and security data of your files. Combine and enhance documents into professional, searchable PDF or PDF/A files.

PDF Render Manager is the go-to application for Long-Term Digital Preservation to comply with the increase in the strict regulatory requirements and federal laws in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia among others.

PDF Render Manager is integrated in the right-click menu of eDOCS DM. Choose which document version to render (if multiple) or whether to render them all. After rendering, you can publish to eDOCS DM.

Check the notify box and receive an email when the documents are done rendering.

More about PDF Render Manager for eDOCS

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Key features

  • Easy and professional file conversion of many document and file extensions
  • Generate professional, searchable PDF files
  • Helps you comply with strict regulatory requirements and federal laws
  • Integrated in eDOCS DM right-click menu
  • Render one specific document version (or all) in the same process
  • Receive email notifications with information about the rendering

Technical specifications

eDOCS DM 10 + 16.

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