Outlook Task Manager for eDOCS

Outlook Task Manager for eDOCS is a MS Outlook integration that reminds you of pending tasks.

When selecting a document in eDOCS DM, Outlook Task Manager is integrated in the right-click menu. When you click it, a TEMP folder will be created + an eDOCS reference (.drf file). The .drf file is attached to the Outlook task.

Give the task a subject, a start date and a due date. You can assign tasks to colleagues within the organization.

In MS Outlook, Outlook Task Manager has its own icon next to emails, calendar etc.

The To-Do list carries information on when to start the task, reminder time etc.

More about Outlook Task Manager

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Key features

  • Easy to use 1:1 workflow option for eDOCS DM
  • Activation from eDOCS DM’s right-click menu interaction
  • Provides integration for forwarding a MS Outlook task including one or more .drf references.

Technical specifications

MS Outlook 2007 and newer.

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