DM Connect Manager for eDOCS

DM Connect Manager for eDOCS is developed for large enterprise installations with many geographical locations with each their DM server. It provides the traveling user with an automated connection system that will always connect to the nearest DM server in spite of work location. In that way the DM performance level can always be kept high.

eDOCS DM has an excellent distributed architecture where the customer can set up local cache servers. DM Connect Manager ensures log on to the nearest one. All the user needs to do is to logon with a user account and DM Connect Manager will do the rest.

If the user logs on to another location, or returns to starting point, DM Connect Manager client automatically establish the intentional configuration.

Via Library Maintenance admins can match the servers and sites they want to connect. Tools included for eDOCS users, admins and support staff.

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Key features

  • DM Connect detects in which AD domain site the logon occurs and pull the required eDOCS DM configuration settings.
  • Provides the connection settings to the nearest DM Server.
  • Connects the eDOCS DM client to the requested DM Server.
  • The modification to the eDOCS DM client configuration requires no user involvement.

Technical specifications

eDOCS DM 5.3.x, 10 & 16.x, MS Active Directory sites with DM local servers, MS SQL Database, MS IIS server, MSI package deployment supported and recommended, HTTPS will require certificate on local workstations and on the DM Servers.

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