WincSync supplies a full synchronization solution for validation data between OpenText eDOCS libraries, allowing standard operating practices to be presented to users in the enterprise. WincSync ensures that any validation item (any value available as a lookup on a profile form, people, groups, document types, clients etc.) is automatically made available in every library. Easy way to sync metadata in any columns of any table to all libraries.

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Key Features

• Fast ROI – Administration is a time consuming process, often tying up skilled DM resources. WincSync can dramatically reduce this overhead in even the largest environments.

• Increased productivity – By supplying standard values, users can move from library to library maintaining standard working practices.

• Improved compliance – Auditing and quality control is simplified, as values are consistent across multiple repositories.

• Improved flexibility – By removing the administrative overhead normally incurred in creating and maintaining additional libraries, modeling for additional libraries, such as archive libraries, topology can be based on need.

• Rich features – WincSync can synchronize any validation data, including custom values between any collections of libraries, allowing the client to design the correct infrastructure for their environment.

Technical Specifications

Fully compatible with all eDOCS version forwards and backwards

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