DMSSync supplies a full synchronization solution between MS Active Directory and OpenText eDOCS libraries, allowing single point administration (using the MS User & Group MMC snap-in) for users, groups and group memberships. Syncs users and networks rights to DM. Syncs granting/losing of rights.

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Key Features

• Fast ROI – Automating user and group administration frees up valuable resources, saving time and money.

• Increased productivity – Ensure that accounts are valid and group memberships are correct so users can work efficiently and productively.

•  Increased security – By ensuring accounts disabled on the network are also disabled in eDOCS, security risk is reduced.

• Improved compliance – Reduced possibility of errors from manual processing demonstrates improved processes.

• Feature rich and flexible – Custom column mapping, filters and maps support even highly customized environments.

Technical Specifications

Fully compatible with all eDOCS version forwards and backwards

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