Janitor Suite

Janitor is a suite of utilities that allow an Administrator to control the validation objects, documents and other table data in a eDOCS DM database. Janitor removes the need to write SQL scripts and use a SQL editor for routine tasks and allows the following tasks to become routine using its wizards and utilities

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Key Features

• DocMove – Move documents from one document server to another, change filing scheme and repair orphan profiles.

• Merge/Delete – Clean up document metadata tables such as CLIENT, MATTER, PEOPLE using this simple wizard.

• Orphan File/Profile Repair – Check and repair orphan files and profiles in your DM libraries.

• Reconciler – Generate reports on discrepancies between specified columns in two DM libraries. Reports can be automatically sent to Matrix Logic Replicator to fix any inconsistencies or be reviewed as CSV files.

• Security Regeneration – This application performs file level security regeneration on a large range of document profiles in a DM library (or even the entire library). Security Regeneration designed to run unattended and will skip and log any document profiles that fail for any reason.

Other Admin addons