Recover Manager for eDOCS

Recover documents easily from your DM installation through a sleek and user-friendly user interface.

Lost documents can be recovered in a safe way from several restore points. The system creates a shadow repository of all restore points and deletions in the document creation and usage process.

Recover Manager is a tool in the web-based framework Admin Portal for eDOCS. The portal provides access to the restore points, and the support team can easily restore the selected document versions back into eDOCS DM. The team can only access the document meta data, not the actual document content. So even in confidential matters you are safe asking for a document recovery!

Recover Manager provides full integrated eDOCS security all the way.

More about Recover Manager for eDOCS

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Key features

  • Fast recovery of lost DM documents
  • eDOCS DM integrated security
  • Easy-to-use helpdesk function
  • Support cost and time can be reduced
  • Provides logging on procedure done
  • Provides audit trail on recover procedure

Technical specifications

eDOCS DM 5, 10 and 16, MS SQL server, MS .NET framework, MS IIS server.

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