Document Info Manager for eDOCS

Document Info Manager for eDOCS is an extensive document information viewer provided for eDOCS helpdesk, supervisors and admins when recovering lost documents.

Document Info Manager provides meta data information like document versions, user rights, author, typist and last edits etc. Providing helpdesk with a detailed information about a lost document, they can pass it on to the recovery team. All steps of the information access procedure are secure!

Helpdesk staff and admins go through a wizard with security check and authorization.

Document Info Manager for eDOCS is a part of the web-based user interface Admin Portal for eDOCS that holds tools for eDOCS admins and helpdesk.

More about Document Info Manager for eDOCS

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Key features

  • Easy-to-use helpdesk function
  • Detailed information about lost documents
  • eDOCS DM integrated security

Technical specifications

eDOCS DM 5, 10 and 16, MS SQL server, MS .NET framework, MS IIS server.

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