DM Sync Manager for eDOCS

DM Sync Manager is an automated synchronization tool for Microsoft Active Directory that keeps it up to date with eDOCS DM. Easy to use, install and manage. All settings in Microsoft AD accounts and groups are reflected in the eDOCS groups and people settings. Automated processes ensure consistency and less risk of security issues. Sync users, groups, user attributes and primary groups, manage user accounts, name changes etc. through the easy wizard setup. Setup options also include: Account information transfer from MS AD to the eDOCS people table, supporting standard or custom fields, Group and Individual priorities, scheduled refresh on each sync set.

DM Sync Manager is a natural extension to eDOCS DM and makes the administration faster, leaner and more accurate.

More about DM Sync Manager for eDOCS

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Key features

  • Automated synchronization between Microsoft AD and eDOCS DM
  • Consistency in the creation and maintenance of users
  • Less risk of security problems
  • Better control of access to documents
  • One log file per sync set
  • Multiple eDOCS Libraries supported
  • Nested AD Groups supported
  • Auto sync can be set from every 15 minutes up to 48 hours

Technical specifications

eDOCS DM 5, 10 and 16. Unique license key required (will be delivered by MIRANDA Partners).

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