WincTools supplies a highly extended administration interface that allows IT staff to take far greater control of their eDOCS installation. From automating useful tasks, such as transferring document from one user to another, to scheduling in reports on the system, WincTools supplies the most complete, most functional eDOCS management tool available. Library maintenance tool on steroids. Improved reporting, moving, importing and security.

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Key Features

• Dramatically improved administration – Most common tasks are fully automated, allowing tasks that would otherwise require high expertise with associated risk to be performed quickly and safely.

• Reduced risk – Administrative tasks can be carried out through the client API, reducing the need to run potential unsafe SQL scripts against the database.

• Improved comprehension – By granting access to the data held in the database and by supplying a wide range of preconfigured reports, WincTools can dramatically enhance an organization’s comprehension and therefore enhance informed decision-making.

• Proactive support – By monitoring and reporting on potential issues, proactive support can be used to resolve problems before they are even noticed by the users.

• Improved team management – Less experienced staff can manage and maintain the DM through a graphical interface, relieving senior staff of basic administration and troubleshooting tasks.

• Comprehensive support – WincTools supports either single or multiple library environments from the same interface and supports any desktop environment, SQL server and network that OpenText eDOCS supports.

Technical Specifications

Fully compatible with all eDOCS version forwards and backwards

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